Grace Christian College holds to the notion that the Christian Worldview has made an essential contribution to the development of Western Democracy and its social structures. The Christian Worldview, sees humanity as the image bearer of God himself who is the Eternal Creator. It is with confidence then, that humanity can seek to live life within the Christian Worldview with dignity and meaning. The Christian Worldview gives people the power to govern themselves with justice, through God’s guidance, allowing the execution of the fundamental principles of democracy such as: elected Government; the rule of law; equal rights for all before the law; freedom of religion; freedom of speech and association; the values of openness and tolerance. read more…

The school also believes that the formation of future citizens who have an implicit understanding of the foundational principles of democracy requires an educational program built on principles that find their source in the Christian Worldview. The New Testament teaches that Jesus Christ is the Creator and Lord of this world. However, it also teaches that in this life He requires men and women to willingly and honestly submit their hearts to Him. This decision is a personal life decision, not something that He forces. The benefits of this decision are not only the promise of eternal life but are daily. When men and women allow the Word of God to influence their life choices their lives come close to God’s intended will and they receive blessings that are a natural outworking of being in relationship with God. It is with these thoughts in mind that Grace Christian College has adopted the following vision statement:

Our vision is for Christ to rule in the hearts and minds of our students so they are able to contribute as citizens to a peaceful and just society through a biblical understanding of family, community and human endeavour.

Parents are the most important influence in a child’s life and rightly hold responsibility for the education of their children. Grace Christian College holds the partnership between school and parent in high esteem and considers their support and involvement as essential for a child’s success at school. God has made each person unique and the school seeks to develop the individuality of students as much as is possible within the limitations placed on it by modern schooling. The school holds Deuteronomy chapter six as a model to inform its schooling practice and guide the school in establishing principles that are supported throughout history from Aristotle to Vygotsky (read more…). It is with these thoughts in mind that Grace Christian College has defined its Mission as:

Grace Christian College seeks, in cooperation with parents, staff and students to:

  • Provide a Christ-honouring learning environment;
  • Develop each student’s potential;
  • Encourage students to have a life long commitment to be enquiring seekers of knowledge and understanding;
  • Inspire students to have compassion for the world as demonstrated by Jesus Christ;

The Creator God is a core belief of Christianity. This belief underpins the understanding of Christ’s universal relevance and concern for all people and nations. As a result of this, the school seeks to ensure students not only understand their own culture, but also the culture of other nations and people groups. The school has established a program called “Global Link” which connects students with other schools and individuals in various places around the world to assist them in gaining an understanding of their role as a global citizen in the twenty-first century.