The Junior primary classes do not have an overnight camp but do go out of the school on a number of excursions during the year. They visit work places such as the police and fire station. They also visit some fun places such as animal shelters etc.


The middle primary students have an annual camp that alternates between the Wymah and King valley camp sites.


The senior primary class have an annual camp that alternates between Sovereign Hill in Ballaarat and Canberra. Both camps include learning based around Australian History and Government and Civics and Citizenship.


The Secondary students have an annual camp which alternates between an adventure camp and a three-day visit to Melbourne. The Melbourne camp involves travel by train, staying in accommodation in the city and visiting points of interest and learning around the Melbourne CBD.


Secondary school students attend the Victorian Student Convention (VSC) every October and are able to attend the biennial South Pacific Student Convention (SouthPac). The student convention includes competitive events in athletics, music, drama, art and craft and academics. Students can progress to the South Pacific Student Convention which is attended by students from around the South Pacific Region. photos…