Approaches to Teaching and Learning

One of the many challenges schools face is the variance in student ability. Ensuring that students are able to learn consistently without falling behind benchmarks or falling below their potential offers huge challenges for a school.

One of the approaches to teaching and learning Grace Christian CollegeĀ uses is known as Mastery Learning. Mastery Learning involves setting clear goals for the student and providing regular correction and testing allowing for frequent feedback and instruction on strategies for improvement. Another important part of Mastery Learning is that learning is held constant and the time required to reach levels of attainment is variable (according to student ability – and often effort).

To structure a classroom so a teacher can effectively manage Mastery Learning requires a re-think on classroom layout and procedures. It has been noted by researchers that Mastery Learning is an effective approach to teaching and learning but is difficult to implement within standard classroom management styles.

Teachers at Grace Christian College use a variety of teaching methods to ensure a broad range of learning styles are catered for. The Mastery Learning classes ensure students can secure learning in fundamental skills and knowledge that support learning in all areas of the curriculum.