Our vision is for Christ to rule in the hearts and minds of our students so they are able to contribute as citizens to a peaceful and just society through a biblical understanding of family, community and human endeavour.


To realise our Vision, Grace Christian College, in cooperation with parents, staff and students will:

1) Provide a Christ honouring learning environment 2) Develop each student’s Potential 3) Encourage a lifelong commitment to be enquiring seekers of knowledge and understanding 4) Inspire students to have compassion for the world as demonstrated by Jesus Christ
Ensure staff are able to mediate the Christian faith in a real and vital way through their own devotional, prayer and service lives. Recognise each individual student is uniquely gifted by God and accountable to Him for what they do with their lives and assist them to find their calling and prepare for it.

  • Education involves the whole child academically, physically, mentally and spiritually and will teach them to think and reflect in meaningful ways.
  • Mount Carmel has noted that research into education is highlighting the need to take a life-long approach to learning and ensure young students have the mastery of fundamental skills required to support this.
  • Foster the notion that the gaining of knowledge and understanding is an accumulative life-long activity and our engagement with truth is an unfolding experience as we think through issues and evaluate evidence.
  • Provide courses and other opportunities to allow the development of critical thinking skills and self-reflection.
Through understanding their own culture and its foundational beliefs, students will be able to connect with those in other cultures.

  • Recognising the universality of the Gospel message for all of mankind they will gain an understanding of their role as a global citizen and connect with other cultures in an empathetic manner.
  • Through opportunities to serve others students will learn that God calls us to be fruitful in our lives in making a more peaceful and just world for all to live in.
  • The response of each student will involve faith in action, self-sacrifice and a deep devotion to serving Jesus Christ in a fallen world recognising that all people are God’s creation.